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18 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#1124   Where is the start transaction in the db_update.php? Franz 1.5.11 upgrading  
#1121   Require more characters for password Franz 1.5.11 security  
#1115   Need 503 status for maintenance and error pages nsuchy 1.5.11 usability  
#1113   Vulnerability to rebuild the search index Franz 1.5.11 security  
#1103   Ban mail/domain dosent check for duplicates Franz 1.5.11 bans  
#1101   SMTP Password field on admin_options page too short Franz 1.5.11 email  
#1098   Don't use local aware format for sprintf Franz 1.5.11 code  
#1097   We need a ban on references in the titles Franz 1.5.11 antispam  
#1089   Time formatting in profile.php Franz 1.5.11 code  
#1081   openssl_random_pseudo_bytes() is not cryptographically secure Franz 1.5.11 security  
#1077   Possible CSRF in login? nsuchy 1.5.11 security  
#1057   Add CSRF protection to promote user action Franz 1.5.11 security  
#1054   The bbcode2email() function has no localization Franz 1.5.11 localization  
#1108   Incorrect answer for search results with short text Franz 1.5.11 search  
#1095   Radium and┬áCobalt┬áhave unreadable alert on admin index nsuchy 1.5.11 styling  
#1087   LIKE and '_' Franz 1.5.11 database  
#1099   Forum subscription mails without permissions   1.5.11 security  
#1088   Change of regexs for bb-codes   1.5.11 parser