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15 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#1049   CSRF attack allows to stick, lock, etc. adaur 1.5.9 security  
#1043   Prevent timing attack adaur 1.5.9 security  
#1046   Exclude newlines when parsing username in quote tag quy 1.5.9 parser  
#1041   Fatal error mysqli_free_result quy 1.5.9 database  
#1040   PHP 7 compatibility adaur 1.5.9 code  
#1039   Parser error message no have name tag quy 1.5.9 parser  
#1033   Make it easier to configure frame options header adaur 1.5.9 code  
#1032   No notifications for users w/ language set to an inexistent language quy 1.5.9 localization  
#1029   db_update.php: Inline script trips over content security policy Franz 1.5.9 upgrading  
#1016   Does not work glob() quy 1.5.9 antispam  
#1011   No automatic redirection to install.php quy 1.5.9 installation  
#1026   Improvements for mobile screens   1.5.9 styling  
#1018   "Warning" can't be translated Studio384 1.5.9 localization  
#1009   Add category to breadcrumbs   1.5.9 usability  
#1014   Brackets in quotes break the BBCode   1.5.9 parser