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10 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#786   Add nofollow to user generated links Franz 1.5.2 security  
#777   Revert XHTML doctype changes Studio384 1.5.2 markup  
#779   Don't redirect back when reporting posts JohnLewis 1.5.2 usability  
#778   Contents of code tag susceptible to alteration. Franz 1.5.2 parser  
#776   Search page: XHTML error when forum is empty Franz 1.5.2 markup  
#768   Even more unescaped IP addresses Franz 1.5.2 security  
#765   Some bugs in SQLite dblayer Franz 1.5.2 database  
#767   Local links are broken Franz 1.5.2 parser  
#781   Forum description not escaped.   1.5.2 markup  
#736   FluxBB can't install without English translation   1.5.2 installation