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34 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#690   Wrong CSS rule in Air.css Franz 1.5.1 styling  
#666   Removing database size and row count from admin_index Studio384 1.5.1 performance  
#654   Display seconds remaining for all floods quy 1.5.1 usability  
#403   Add support links in the admin panel Studio384 1.5.1 usability  
#689   Spelling/grammar errors in comments quy 1.5.1 code  
#754   Search Bug   1.5.1 search  
#739   Posts cannot contain only capital letters   1.5.1 parser  
#732   Text error in admin panel Studio384 1.5.1 markup  
#639   SMTP account name changes to current user quy 1.5.1 email