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15 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#73   Unescaped topic subject in search.php Reines 1.4.1 security  
#54   viewtopic.php unstable in SQLite Reines 1.4.1 code  
#52   In the update script we assume we should be using a latin1 connection Reines 1.4.1 upgrading  
#72   Insufficient input validation in admin_users.php Reines 1.4.1 code  
#71   censor_words() does not work properly with Russian characters FSX 1.4.1 code  
#69   Wrong post time in delete.php Reines 1.4.1 database  
#67   CSS issue in Opera 10.6 and Chrome Paul 1.4.1 styling  
#65   Notice: Undefined index in post.php Reines 1.4.1 code  
#63   BBcode checking in search_idx Reines 1.4.1 search  
#62   Notice error in plugin menu Reines 1.4.1 code  
#32   Censoring in moderator menu quy 1.4.1 usability  
#21   Hide incompleted fields in profile page quy 1.4.1 usability  
#55   Number of Rows still shows all the rows in the database Reines 1.4.1 database  
#48   Comment typo in example plugin Reines 1.4.1 code  
#42   Signature length notification Franz 1.4.1 usability