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27 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#508   Thousands of returns in message crash the forum Reines 1.4.8 parser  
#495   Search can be tricked into examining and joining everything daris 1.4.8 search  
#573   Empty paragraph tags aren't correctly handled Reines 1.4.8 parser  
#561   Show URLs at the start of Notification Mail daris 1.4.8 email  
#559   The add_field doesn't work properly for SQLite daris 1.4.8 database  
#552   Backwards-incompatible regex Franz 1.4.8 code  
#544   FORUM_DISABLE_STRIPSLASHES Franz 1.4.8 code  
#540   File uploads fail on Windows when magic_quotes_gpc is enabled quy 1.4.8 code  
#537   Notice: Undefined index: code in parser.php quy 1.4.8 code  
#530   End slash for url is outside the bbcode Reines 1.4.8 parser  
#529   URL tag in IMG daris 1.4.8 parser  
#524   Match on digits for id in new BBCode. quy 1.4.8 parser  
#523   Spelling error in post.php language file quy 1.4.8 localization  
#522   fix js daris 1.4.8 javascript  
#510   New BBCode checking in search_idx.php daris 1.4.8 search  
#509   is_writable() ignores ACLs on Windows NTFS Server Franz 1.4.8 installation  
#507   htmlspecialchars in help.php for links quy 1.4.8 markup  
#506   Test topic name after install Franz 1.4.8 localization  
#504   Empty forums string in breadcrumb of search quy 1.4.8 search  
#500   Moscow Time = UTC+4 Franz 1.4.8 localization  
#494   Argument by reference in some functions daris 1.4.8 code  
#485   Four bytes utf-8 character truncate text at that character Franz 1.4.8 parser  
#501   Undefined index notices in error function daris 1.4.8 code  
#505   Lots of empty lines in post cause server error Reines 1.4.8 parser  
#545   Brackets breaks URL tag ridgerunner 1.4.8 parser