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54 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#419   First fallback language for admin panel is broken Franz 1.4.6 localization  
#379   The form_user variable sent when posting breaks guest posting when language packs are enabled Reines 1.4.6 code  
#91   Pretty significant performance regressions in 1.4.X when searching Franz 1.4.6 database  
#476   Language files string "Forum mailer" not correct for some languages Franz 1.4.6 localization  
#474   Some small changes Franz 1.4.6 localization  
#472   Use KB, MB instead of KiB, MiB etc. Franz 1.4.6 localization  
#470   Spelling mistake in admin_index.php lang file   1.4.6 localization  
#465   Separate forum e-mail and report flood Franz 1.4.6 email  
#464   Drop support for unsupported <link rel="..."> values quy 1.4.6 markup  
#458   Redirect to "edit ban" page when banning an already banned user Franz 1.4.6 bans  
#455   Add field error using SQLite Reines 1.4.6 database  
#448   E-mail encoding bug when using local mailer Reines 1.4.6 email  
#445   Can't use [code] string inside a code tag FSX 1.4.6 parser  
#441   Commas not escaped correctly in email names Reines 1.4.6 email  
#436   Layout broken when you disable search for a user Franz 1.4.6 markup  
#435   Oxygen style improvements Reines 1.4.6 styling  
#430   Use same anchor text in search breadcrumbs to link back to the search page. Reines 1.4.6 usability  
#429   Add last visit to user search quy 1.4.6 code  
#427   Applying URL validation to website field in profile quy 1.4.6 code  
#422   Use templates for all emails Franz 1.4.6 localization  
#402   Handle relative links in url tags Franz 1.4.6 parser  
#401   Add new bbcode Reines 1.4.6 parser  
#400   Error during the installation, how to go ahead? Reines 1.4.6 javascript  
#399   Notice: Undefined variable: install_lang in install.php Franz 1.4.6 installation  
#398   Install.php: set default language also for guest Franz 1.4.6 installation