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10 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#421   Search engine module   2.0-alpha3 search  
#907   Owner account   2.0-alpha3 authentication  
#792   Profile and signature img   2.0-alpha3 parser  
#671   Disabling images on a per-group basis   2.0-alpha3 antispam  
#569   Create test framework+cases for fluxbb-parser   2.0-alpha3 parser  
#483   Improve performance of character validation Reines 2.0-alpha3 parser  
#308   Add the new parser to FluxBB   2.0-alpha3 parser  
#232   Use "markup" term instead of "BB-code" in the messages JohnLewis 2.0-alpha3 localization  
#113   Username not changed in quotes   2.0-alpha3 parser  
#108   BBcode tag for inline code ridgerunner 2.0-alpha3 parser