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40 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#343   Moderators can ban other moderators Franz 1.4.5 security  
#285   Issue with 'forum_hmac' function in PHP 4 Reines 1.4.5 code  
#280   Moderators can move/split posts to any board Reines 1.4.5 security  
#354   Add a last visit field to users profile Reines 1.4.5 usability  
#347   Remove action=foo Reines 1.4.5 code  
#338   Quoting users with special character usernames fails Reines 1.4.5 parser  
#331   Hard-coded language entry in admin reports Franz 1.4.5 localization  
#330   Not Valid RSS (repeat) Franz 1.4.5 code  
#324   Check custom headers when detecting http/https Reines 1.4.5 code  
#319   Fallback if unicode-properties aren't enabled Franz 1.4.5 regex  
#318   Cannot use num_rows on unbuffered queries Reines 1.4.5 database  
#316   ONLOAD Javascript error Reines 1.4.5 code  
#301   add sqlite db location warning on installation Oldskool 1.4.5 usability  
#299   Cache board statistics Reines 1.4.5 code  
#297   Forum e-mails get rated as spam by SpamAssassin Reines 1.4.5 email  
#294   _track cookie can be too large for nginx Franz 1.4.5 code  
#290   Error generating stopwords cache ID Reines 1.4.5 caching  
#287   db_update uses wrong $lang_update index Reines 1.4.5 localization  
#284   No bottom breadcrumbs on forum moderation page Reines 1.4.5 usability  
#283   Possible issues with maintenance mode Reines 1.4.5 code  
#282   Automatically regenerate the stopwords cache when required Reines 1.4.5 caching  
#281   dblayer->affected_rows() doesn't work on SQLite Reines 1.4.5 database  
#278   Splitting posts should allow choose destination board quy 1.4.5 usability  
#277   Dupe users in update script broken Reines 1.4.5 upgrading  
#270   Images are not parsed correctly in signatures quy 1.4.5 code