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Ticket #946 (open bug)

Links and Smiles not correct worked

  • Created: 2014-02-03 08:05:14
  • Reported by: WHS
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: None
  • Component: parser
  • Priority: normal

IF Smilies in posts  Enabled THEN Not work corrected parser url (links invisble) ELSE all right.

What is wrong?


WHS 2014-02-03 08:11:18

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Franz 2014-02-03 08:32:50

What does "Not work" mean? What do you mean the links are not visible? Are they just not there or empty?

Could you post the URL here, maybe it contains some invalid characters...

WHS 2014-02-03 08:58:59

when viewing google link is invisible, instead empty

WHS 2014-02-03 09:01:15


WHS 2014-02-03 09:16:18

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You can check the forum I

Franz 2014-02-03 12:57:36

Cannot reproduce. Have you installed any mods?

WHS 2014-02-03 13:08:18

Not, clean install Fluxbb 1.5.6

WHS 2014-02-03 13:14:53

Login TestUser and Password TestUser create topic test url

Studio384 2014-02-03 17:23:48

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WHS 2014-02-03 17:27:58

Parser replace text:

$text = preg_replace_callback($pattern_callback[$i], create_function('$matches', 'return '.$replace_callback[$i].';'), $text); 


$text = ucp_preg_replace_callback($pattern_callback[$i], create_function('$matches', 'return '.$replace_callback[$i].';'), $text);

Visble text "lambda_4" and etc in posts.

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WHS 2014-02-04 05:04:19

Maybe problem in PCRE, install version PCRE Library Version 4.5

Franz 2014-02-05 02:30:10

What is the generated HTML? When using the TestUser account, I am not allowed to post links.

Вы не можете использовать ссылки

WHS 2014-02-05 04:27:23

Sorry Franz, activate posted links for user group. Please check retry?

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