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Ticket #921 (fixed enhancement)

Disable admin_forums.php form when no categories exist

  • Created: 2013-11-10 21:23:23
  • Reported by: Studio384
  • Assigned to: quy
  • Milestone: 1.5.5
  • Component: usability
  • Priority: normal

When there are no categories, the admin_forums.php page still shows you the form to create a new forum, but with the message "No category exist", when clicking on "Add forum", you get a bad request error, that's not very nice of us. This form should be disabled if it's not possible to create a new forum.


Franz 2013-11-13 23:31:47

  • Component changed from code to usability.
  • Milestone set to 1.5.5.

Franz 2013-11-14 00:16:35

  • Owner set to Franz.

quy 2013-11-15 22:18:50

Commit e5bda88 to fluxbb master

#921: Disable "Add forum" form when no categories exist

Franz 2013-11-15 23:56:52

  • Owner changed from Franz to quy.
  • Status changed from open to fixed.

And done.

Franz 2013-11-15 23:59:35

Commit 5641b22 to fluxbb master

Merge pull request #93 from Quy/master

#921: Disable "Add forum" form when no categories exist