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Ticket #893 (open enhancement)

Add to zen mode for fluxBB2

  • Created: 2013-08-31 08:37:55
  • Reported by: 123
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: None
  • Component: usability
  • Priority: normal

Adding for fluxBB 2

What matters is the content, and this is a good solution.


Studio384 2013-08-31 16:57:39

Ones again: we've got a Feature request forum for this. Anyway, whil I don't get why GitHub needs this kind of feature, I agree to make it for FluxBB, however, I'm afraid this is a little to not-needed and may better fit as an extension.

123 2013-09-02 10:20:41

The denial of the idea PunBB, should be simple and focused on the content, and this is precisely the function. It should be available by default.
I will ask the devil fluxBB1.5 subscriptions are as they should be in the form of an addition - your reasoning.

Content should be the most important, do not you think.
It has to be simple.