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Ticket #815 (fixed enhancement)

Changing board title and description

  • Created: 2013-01-16 00:13:42
  • Reported by: Franz
  • Assigned to: Franz
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha2
  • Component: usability
  • Priority: normal

The way I envision it, it will be displayed in the admin title bar and people can edit it by clicking on it.


Franz 2013-01-17 04:52:30

Commit ad0d938 to core master

#815: Make board title and description modifiable with JavaScript.

Franz 2013-02-12 00:06:52

Commit 7bc1110 to core master

#815: Allow changing board title and description via AJAX.

Franz 2014-09-10 17:40:26

  • Status changed from open to fixed.

Totally working in the admin options. smile