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Ticket #623 (fixed enhancement)

Cache: Skip tests when backend is not installed

  • Created: 2012-02-15 22:46:51
  • Reported by: Franz
  • Assigned to: Franz
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha1
  • Component: testing
  • Priority: normal

In the cache module, we should do what we currently do for the database layer: only run tests for a backend if that is already installed.

Else, they can be marked as skipped.

That way, we can also add tests for those adapters that currently cannot be tested (and were not done as part of #613.


Franz 2012-02-15 23:18:07

Commit ddef0a2 to cache master

#623: Skip tests if adapters are not installed.

Franz 2012-02-15 23:56:51

Commit 17c5db4 to cache master

#623: Add tests for remaining cache adapters (although they will simply be skipped on Travis for now).

Franz 2012-02-16 00:03:37

Commit b29565a to cache master

Fix tearDown() method of tests.

Related to #623.

Franz 2012-02-16 00:06:54

Commit 91d24ee to cache master

Gotcha. setUp() should not be abstract.

This will fix #623.

Franz 2012-02-16 00:10:09

  • Status changed from open to fixed.