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Ticket #591 (fixed bug)

Ignore BBCodes in user input in search.php

  • Created: 2012-01-12 13:40:39
  • Reported by: yoorick
  • Assigned to: daris
  • Milestone: 1.4.9
  • Component: search
  • Priority: normal

Before this commit all known bbcodes were removed from user input before searching.
Now split_words() only removes "[", "]" and "/" from a bbcode and, if bbcode's name is longer than PUN_SEARCH_MIN_WORD characters, the script looks for it together with other words in user's request.

In other words,
if a user asked the search script to look for a string like that:

[quote] something [/quote]

it was treated as just


Now it is treated as

quote and something

A link to my post on this issue.


Franz 2012-01-12 13:48:13

  • Milestone set to 1.4.9.

I hate regressions. tongue

daris 2012-01-20 13:37:00

Commit dee43de to fluxbb fluxbb-1.4

Revert "Do not index ID for new BBCode (topic, post, forum, user)" and apply proper version for the commit (#591)

This reverts commit 72bd64a0d867bf7dc4fa7135ce460b66ebc3b992.



daris 2012-01-20 13:45:16

  • Owner set to daris.

I reverted changes introduced in that commit

daris 2012-01-23 10:34:27

  • Status changed from open to fixed.

Franz 2012-01-23 12:13:18

Is that other issue still fixed, though? Or did you simply revert it?

daris 2012-01-23 12:18:39

Yes, it's fixed (testing locally gives result for only "something")

I reverted 2 commits that introduced this issue and then added again changes needed for #510 (without changing search behavior this time tongue )