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Ticket #520 (fixed bug)

Half of language strings

  • Created: 2011-10-28 06:54:25
  • Reported by: daris
  • Assigned to: daris
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha1
  • Component: localization
  • Priority: normal

Flux_Gettext::parse loads only half of the language strings.

The (#|msg) in regex makes to skip next match


Franz 2011-10-28 08:19:57

  • Component set to localization.
  • Milestone set to 2.0-alpha1.
  • Owner set to Franz.

Yeah, I noticed that, too.
Thanks for discovering the reason. smile

Franz 2011-10-30 18:53:39

  • Owner changed from Franz to ridgerunner.

daris 2011-11-04 14:52:00

  • Uploaded patch gettext.patch. (view)

The attached patch fixes this issue. It also takes care about the double quote in the string. Is the idea with replacing \" with the \0 good? tongue

Franz 2011-11-05 09:32:24

What is the problem with \"?

daris 2011-11-05 09:34:45

I've commited the fix … 2c64476fd6

Currently the text after \" was stripped

For example:
msgid "Already installed"
msgstr "It seems like FluxBB is already installed. You should go <a href=\"index.php\">here</a> instead."

It seems like FluxBB is already installed. You should go <a href=

daris 2011-11-05 10:46:32

Commit d423ec4 to fluxbb fluxbb-2.0

Update gettext module
#520 related

daris 2011-11-05 12:11:56

  • Status changed from open to fixed.

Franz 2011-11-05 13:48:13

Well, the problem is that this way we will not be able to use tools like PoEdit to easily manage the language files.

I think the parser should take care of it. Negative lookaheads?

daris 2011-11-05 13:50:32

I didn't change anything in language files, I only updated the gettext parser to work with the current ones

Franz 2011-11-06 19:49:39

  • Owner changed from ridgerunner to daris.

All the credit belongs to you wink

Franz 2011-11-06 22:35:09

This is not really fixed yet, though, is it? I still only see half of the strings being translated.

daris 2011-11-07 07:24:20

Clear cache? tongue

Franz 2011-11-07 12:33:47

Didn't work for me.
Wait, maybe I have to update my submodules. Let me check...

Franz 2011-11-07 13:55:21

Indeed. I had forgotten the submodules. Works well now.