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Ticket #490 (fixed enhancement)

Check return values for different query types

  • Created: 2011-09-14 16:43:03
  • Reported by: Franz
  • Assigned to: Franz
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha1
  • Component: database
  • Priority: normal

Currently, the database layer either returns query results (for direct and select queries) or the number of affected rows (everything else).

As I am currently working on utility queries like TableExistsQuery, this might have to be rethought and -done.


Franz 2011-10-21 22:09:40

  • Owner set to Franz.

Franz 2011-11-07 20:55:28

Commit 7f6add7 to database master

#490: Fix return values for different query types.

Franz 2011-11-07 21:00:35

  • Status changed from open to fixed.

Fixed this in this commit.