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Ticket #473 (open enhancement)

Update script should delete some files

  • Created: 2011-08-07 18:43:58
  • Reported by: Koos
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: 2.0-beta1
  • Component: upgrading
  • Priority: low

Update script should delete:
and lang/English/admin_prune.php
using @unlink()


Franz 2011-08-10 08:48:45

  • Component set to upgrading.

Reines 2011-08-17 07:49:10

  • Milestone set to 1.4.7.

In lots of environments PHP wont have permission to delete files - and we never delete/add files using the upgrade script normally - I would attempt to argue they should be removed manually, just like new files are added manually.

It's probably worth adding a note to the upgrade script telling people to delete them though?

Oldskool 2011-09-01 13:38:53

@Reines: I see your point, but IMO this could also be added as an additional step at the end of the update process. Something like a notice along with an "Attempt to delete files" button? Then it won't automatically remove anything, inform the user about the deletion and offer the possibility to try and remove the files automatically. What do you think?

Reines 2011-09-01 14:12:59

Sounds reasonable

Franz 2011-09-01 17:30:36

  • Owner set to Oldskool.

Good idea. I suggest you do that, then. tongue

Franz 2011-09-01 17:32:07

Actually, we should think about whether this is worth doing in 1.4.7, though. This is almost a feature - so maybe 2.0?

davidlougheed 2011-09-01 17:55:11

I agree that it's a feature. 2.0 HERE WE GO! *vroom*

Reines 2011-09-09 20:18:06

  • Priority changed from normal to low.

Franz 2011-09-13 02:50:51

Don't forget about the old example plugin.

Reines 2011-09-13 19:37:48

  • Milestone changed from 1.4.7 to 1.4.8.

Franz 2011-12-01 20:12:21

  • Milestone changed from 1.4.8 to 2.0-beta1.
  • Owner Oldskool removed.
  • Type changed from task to enhancement.

I'll postpone this, we'll make sure the upgrade script will try to be as intelligent as possible in 2.0.