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Ticket #47 (fixed bug)

Removing empty bbcode

  • Created: 2010-06-13 23:09:13
  • Reported by: Reines
  • Assigned to: Reines
  • Milestone: 1.4.0
  • Component: parser
  • Priority: normal

Removing empty bbcode doesn't handle quotes and code tags properly at the moment.

Quotes should probably have white-space stripped (by adding to $tags_trim).

Empty code tags need stripped after being imploded again. However it isn't quite that simple as removing them as empty code tags being removed can then result in new empty tags, which need to be removed after exploding.


Reines 2010-06-14 17:45:40

  • Status changed from open to fixed.

I think (read: hope) this should now be fixed in bf8ed2fd.