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Ticket #468 (worksforme bug)

Forum search giving incomplete results for "Topic subject only"

  • Created: 2011-08-04 03:18:40
  • Reported by: karol
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: None
  • Component: search
  • Priority: normal

Try searching for 'apvlv' (w/o the quotes)

When selecting 'Topic subject only' I get only one hit, but when using the default 'Message text and topic subject' I get multiple hits - and many of them have 'apvlv' in their subject.


quy 2011-08-06 15:10:31

Is this happening with other words? You may want to rebuild search index under Administration > Maintenance to see if it is still an issue.

karol 2011-08-06 21:08:00

Yes, it's happening with other words too.
It looked like it searches only the threads started in the last 12 months or so. Even if there was a reply to that thread a couple days ago, the thread won't show up on the search results page.

But for other search terms I get threads dating back many years, so I have no idea really.

I'll ask our admin to rebuild the search index.

karol 2011-08-08 10:57:44

The admins said the last time they rebuild the search index, it took 18 hours … 69#p891369 so they prefer to wait until we're moving servers so the users don't experience additional downtime.

If you want to close this bug report it's OK with me.

quy 2011-08-10 20:16:37

  • Status changed from open to worksforme.

Please report again if it is still an issue after reindexing.

karol 2011-08-17 21:37:05

The forums were moved and the search index was rebuilt - all is fine now.