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Ticket #310 (fixed enhancement)

Move the database access into an API

  • Created: 2011-02-22 13:27:36
  • Reported by: Reines
  • Assigned to: Franz
  • Milestone: 2.0-alpha1
  • Component: code
  • Priority: high

Model classes should be created for all important entities.

We should keep in mind for later, that this should be extensible in some way, possibly using __call(), but it will depend on how hooks work.

This should be tied to a specific session and permissions should be handled automatically. Once we have the session, only data accessible by that user should be accessible.


Reines 2011-02-25 00:44:40

  • Milestone changed from 2.0-beta1 to 2.0-alpha1.

Reines 2011-02-25 00:46:16

  • Milestone changed from 2.0-alpha1 to 2.0-alpha2.

Reines 2011-03-21 12:05:42

  • Owner set to Reines.

Franz 2012-07-12 16:50:18

  • Description changed. (Diff)
  • Milestone changed from 2.0-alpha2 to 2.0-alpha1.
  • Owner Reines removed.

Franz 2012-08-01 20:20:12

Commit 7f7f0ec to core master

#310: Create model classes for rank and report entities.

Franz 2012-08-01 20:21:18

  • Owner set to Franz.
  • Status changed from open to fixed.

One thing remains: taking care of automatic permission handling in the model classes, but that will have to wait until the permission system is revamped.

Marking this as fixed until we'll take care of that.

Franz 2012-08-05 17:09:16

Commit 742411c to core master

Move more eager loading constraints directly to the model relationships.

Related to #310.