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Ticket #291 (fixed enhancement)

Maintenance page should be shown during db_update

  • Created: 2011-02-12 12:47:07
  • Reported by: Pierre
  • Assigned to: quy
  • Milestone: 1.4.6
  • Component: upgrading
  • Priority: normal

I have put my forum into maintenance mode before updating. Unfortunately users are now faced with a admin login page instead of the maintenance message.

As db_update runs for a long time it would be nice for users to see what's going on by displaying the maintenance message.

A related task is probably disabling the db_update login page once the update is running and maybe enable maintenance mode by default then.


Reines 2011-02-12 12:55:26

  • Milestone set to 1.4.5.

That sounds sensible. Would you vote for displaying the maintenance message during upgrading or simply displaying a generic message indicating the board is being upgraded?

The problem I see with displaying the maintenance message is if a user doesn't set the board to maintenance mode first then a totally irrelevant message could be displayed. Maybe another option would be to have a form to set the maintenance message at the beginning of the upgrade script?

Reines 2011-02-12 12:56:00

  • Owner set to Reines.

Mpok 2011-02-14 04:00:44

Maintenance actual message seems better than another (different) 'upgrading' message.
The actual 'maintenance message' is JUST ABOUT such operations.

There is no 'doc' about that, but, for me, it seems obvious to set 'maintenance mode' when performing an upgrade. And it seems the thing to do !
So :
- don't make a new language entry for that.
- think about entering in maintenance mode MANDATORY when performing an upgrade. As the 'db_update' is now reserved for admins, this seems a good move.

Reines 2011-03-12 15:50:50

  • Milestone changed from 1.4.5 to 1.4.6.

quy 2011-06-17 02:42:24

  • Uploaded patch update.patch. (view)

Here is my thinking. Check for existence of db_update.lock file. If found, automatically display maintenance message, otherwise, redirect to db_update.php. Since this process is done infrequently, we probably can get away with using the maintenance message which will probably be the default value anyway. See patch.

Franz 2011-06-17 09:32:45

That is very good thinking. How about an optional field when starting the update process that allows you to set the maintenance message?

quy 2011-06-17 19:24:10

  • Uploaded patch db_update.patch. (view)

Good idea! The current maintenance message will now be displayed for updating if desired and be saved to the config cache file. See patch for db_update.php.

quy 2011-06-17 19:24:54

  • Uploaded patch lang_update.patch. (view)

Here is the patch for the update.php language file.

Reines 2011-06-19 17:57:35

Commit 76db285 to fluxbb fluxbb-1.4

Adding maintenance message to be shown during database updates. #291

Reines 2011-06-19 17:58:46

  • Owner changed from Reines to quy.
  • Status changed from open to fixed.

I've commit this, seems to work but probably could do with some extra testing if anyone has time.

quy 2011-07-05 05:23:38

Sorry the patch failed when upgrading from 1.2.x. Fixed.