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Ticket #1159 (open bug)

The French language pack doesn't work on profiles

  • Created: 2022-09-01 11:51:57
  • Reported by: onijen
  • Assigned to: None
  • Milestone: None
  • Component: localization
  • Priority: high

Maybe this is not where I should post this, in which case, please let me know.
I have a problem, I installed the French pack and the profile pages are all white, empty... Without even a navigation bar. it does not work on any browser I used to test (Firefox, Chrome, etc). I tested on other forums and it does not work either. What could be done to solve this problem?
Thank you very much.


onijen 2022-09-01 11:54:19

  • Description changed. (Diff)

Visman 2022-09-02 04:17:02

Open error logs on the server. Read what is written in them from php.