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13 tickets found
ID Title Owner Milestone Component  
#616   Count of old forum and fluxbb items daris 1.0-beta core  
#562   Convert avatars daris 1.0-beta systems  
#555   Make some tests using real databases   1.0-beta systems  
#553   Create vBulletin converter daris 1.0-beta systems  
#735   Update converter to FluxBB 1.5.x Studio384 1.0-beta core  
#627   Duplicate error on similar usernames daris 1.0-beta systems  
#612   Recount posts after conversion daris 1.0-beta core  
#600   Move strings to language file daris 1.0-beta core  
#563   Make PunBB 1.3 converter working with PunBB 1.4 too daris 1.0-beta systems  
#558   Allow to run converter from terminal daris 1.0-beta core  
#556   Duplicate entry error daris 1.0-beta core  
#230   phpBB 3.0.8 daris 1.0-beta systems  
#868   Air isn't rendered well during conversion Studio384 1.0-beta interface