If you need to get in touch with a person for help with forum issues or other problems, here is a list of ways on how to best deal with these. This will ensure that matters can be dealth with as fast and efficiently as possible.

Support questions

Please post your technical/how-to questions to our official support forums. Our knowledgeable developers and members will gladly assist you.

Blocked registrations

We use the service to fight spam registrations. If your registration was blocked, please submit a removal request at this service before registering on our site.

Reporting offensive websites

We are the developers of the software. We are not affiliated with and have no control over other websites using our software. Please report to the hosting providers where these offensive websites reside.

Partnership / affiliate programs

At this time, we are not accepting proposals.

Security issues

We take security issues seriously. If you believe you have discovered a vulnerability, please email with a detailed summary of the issue. We ask you do this privately to give us time to investigate thoroughly and provide an immediate fix if required before public disclosure.