Future development

Flarum (FluxBB v2.0)

The next version of FluxBB, called Flarum, is a radical overhaul of the current forum system. It is the successor of FluxBB and esoTalk, two light-weight forum systems that both independently started a rewrite to overcome the limitations of their old architecture. The goals of both projects seemed to converge, so the decision was made to work together.

Flarum strives to implement only the very essential features every community forum needs. Users may customize their forums using the powerful extension system. Gone are the days of hacking the source code and applying modifications by hand - extensions will be installable without touching a line of code.

The new version features a modern, well-architectured backend written in PHP that makes use of the new features of recent version of the programming language. Separation between presentation and logic results in more powerful themes. The software becomes more maintainable and extensible through a well thought out modular structure.

The frontend also receives an overhaul, with a fresh design and features that people have come to expect from modern, interactive web applications.

Check out the new project homepage: Flarum.org.

See the progress on the demo.

Join the discussion on the development forums.