Modifications are a way of adding extra functionality to FluxBB. The installation of modifications requires manually editing source code. More information can be found in the documentation.

Modifications ( 194 found ) Version

A Simple Image Upload by Sium

This mod integrates image hosting with FluxBB

v1.4.0 2012-12-18

A very simple post rating system with thumbs by fra2591

Rate useful or not useful each post with thumbs

v1.0 2011-03-05

Add Trainwreck Site Menu by CRLin

Add Site Menu(look like FluxBB official menu).


v1.0.1 2012-07-05

Admin Restrictions by chris98

This will allow the original board administrator to impose restrictions upon the other administrators.

v1.0 2014-08-29

Adsense After First Post by Smartys

Displays an Adsense ad in its own post after the first post in every topic.

v1.2.3 2013-05-01

Advertising made Simple by jacob

This modification will install ads faster than you could possibly imagine.

v0.3 2012-04-05

Ajax Chat for FluxBB by adaur

This mod allows you to display easily a shoutbox where you want on your forum.

v0.8.6 2013-10-26

Ajax Post Edit by daris

Allows edit post without refreshing page (using ajax)

v1.6.3 2011-12-10

Ajax Quick Post by daris

Allows quickly post a reply (using ajax)

v2.0.3 2011-04-11

Amici - Friends list by Fraesse

A simple friends list for add a friend.
Aggiunge amici sul profilo.

v1.0.5 2013-12-06

An auto tweet mod for new topics created - Twitter by orkneywd

This mod will automatically send a tweet on your Twitter account whenever a new topic is created (in forums you specify). Great for easy social media :)

v1.1 2013-10-16

An Image Title by stevetheipad

This mod will get rid of the board title and just show the image.

v1.0 2012-06-07

Anniversaire 1.0 by thib3113

This mod adds age and date of birth under the avatar in the viewtopic, the user can choose to show or hide his age, and / or his birthday.

v1.0 2011-04-28

Another Private Messaging - Topic System by adaur

Adds functions for sending topics to people within FluxBB.

v3.0.8 2014-03-28

Another Reputation System by chris98

This will allow the use of reputation in FluxBB 1.5.3 and above. It includes various different capabilities, including the ability to limit the amount of reputation given/taken in one day and much more.

v1.3 2014-08-18