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Re: ThinkClassic - A Vintage Apple Computer Community

We've continued to make progress in developing the community further and improving onto our FluxBB install in recent months.

The most noticeable changes are a few visual appearance updates. We've made some extensive revisions to the stylesheets, including:

  • A complete rewrite of the navigation bar, search field and several decorative elements

  • The removal of several floats in favour of inlines

  • Moved to 100% text indents (as opposed to -9999px)

  • Changed the method we use to colour the viewforum rows

  • Altered the padding on almost everything

  • Cleaned up some of the forum icons and graphics

  • Fixed possibly over a hundred small issues and rendering quirks in the process

Internally, we've refined the forum engine as well. We now have modifications in only two FluxBB core files, with the rest of them in their unmodified or vanilla versions. With the exception of a couple of minor alterations, this is a completely standard install.

The introduction of hooks in register.php helped make this happen. We're running an in-house updated version of the HoneyPot + StopForumSpam Mod that we've been able to reduce to three files, with most of the code in a new addons/sfs.php file that makes use of the new anti-spam hooks in FluxBB 1.5.8.

We've also added a couple of extra features, like the ability for administrators to issue one-time-use manual overrides for email addresses that have been falsely flagged by the protection system. These overrides remain in the system until they're used to register an account, at which point they're removed.

We've blocked over 11,000 spammers to date. So far this system has performed exceptionally well at keeping the forums clean without restricting access to legitimate users.

However the most notable event of the last few months is when we crossed the 100 member and 5,000 post milestones. We're still intended for a niche audience and relatively unknown in vintage computing circles, but considering we launched only nine months ago, we haven't done badly at all. Our members have been involved in several notable projects, including the development of several new hardware devices for older computers, new methods for repairing old electronics and plastics and even the development of system updates and drivers for operating systems and machines that were left behind by the manufacturer long ago.

I see this community as something we will continue to work on and develop, and hopefully our member base will continue to grow over time.

I've updated the first post in this thread with newer information and images that better reflects the current state of the website.


~ micbr (iMic, ThinkClassic)

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