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#26 2014-10-26 07:30:27

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Re: Javascript checkbox on registration

Thanks, ill wait for the next release. smile


#27 2014-11-01 13:30:42

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Re: Javascript checkbox on registration

Version 1.5 released!

This release fixes a number of bugs which I'm surprised I let get this far.

Firstly, the need to manually enter the URL has gone, replaced with a function call to get_base_url()

Secondly, a fix has been made that would not allow the button to become undisabled on previous versions (the fix was adding 'name="agreeform"' into the form element on the register page.

Thirdly, the PHP is much cleaner and has been condensed to only three lines rather than being unformatted and taking up over five.

Finally, a bug was fixed which stopped the text from appearing on the page - the language file had not been included. So rather than including a separate language file for four array keys, they have been moved to the register.php language file instead.

The 1.3 branch has now been abandoned.

Download: … eases/1.5/

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