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FluxBB 1.5.6 and 1.4.12 released

These releases fix a security issue - please update your forums! Download links: v1.5.6 | v1.4.12

#1 2013-12-30 10:07:55

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"Flag as spam" button for moderators to ban user and move topic/post

I'd like to provide a button on each individual post and each topic visible to moderators (and administrators) that bans the user (no expiry date, message "Banned for spamming") who wrote the post (or opening post if it is a topic) and moves the post (or topic) to a predefined location (e.g. a subforum named "Trashbin") - all in one click, possibly with a step to confirm ("Are you sure? Yes/No"). If the user already was banned the post(s) would simply be moved to the trashbin. In short, a one-click-ban-user-and-move-post(s)-button.

How would I go about doing this - or has someone already done something similar? I skimmed through the modifications but haven't found anything quite like this so far.


#2 2013-12-30 12:23:26

From: Torino, Italy
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Re: "Flag as spam" button for moderators to ban user and move topic/post

It's been done in our Gamezoo Akismet mod. It lets the administrator flag a post as spam. The spammer is immediately banned and sanitized.

Feel free to look at the code (and improve it maybe smile ) - serious gaming services for serious gamers.


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